a flower? - Carol

it's a cherokee rose. - Daryl

A flower?
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just a girl who loves to make graphics. Not really a girl though. At thirty, I think that totally makes me a woman, no? Anyway...I like to make graphics, write fanfics, and discuss episodes (in a friendly non-brutal way). I am passionate about my fandoms. Can't stand people that Eames-bash. Its just so not cool. So if you do it, please don't do it on my journal.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent (ships: Goren/Eames, Barek/Eames, Barek/Logan, & Eames/Logan (smut only)), CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (ships: Grissom/Sara, Catherine/Brass, & Catherine/Grissom), The X-Files (ships: Mulder/Scully & Doggett/Reyes), Harry Potter (Ron/Hermione & Ginny/Harry), Dead Like Me, Criminal Minds, Harper's Island, & too many more to name. The first four are my main fandoms.

Just a few simple rules for graphic snagging. 1). Don't snag and say its yours. Credit me please (untapdtreasure) 2). Comments are lovely and held preciously 3).Do not hotlink 4). Do not alter my icons in anyway, shape, form, or fashion. Need it personalized, please ask. 5). Textless graphics are not bases.

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image courtesy of spider

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