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Kathryn Erbe's Stalker Gets 5yrs Probation

Philadelphia man who stalked 'Law & Order' actress must pay her $42K
By New York Post
September 07, 2011

NEW YORK -- A man convicted of stalking "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" star Kathryn Erbe was sentenced Wednesday to five years probation and required to pay $42,000 restitution for frightening the actress.

Charles Nagel was convicted in Brooklyn federal court of using mail and the internet to annoy Erbe, who starred in one of his favorite small screen shows.

Nagel, a dealer in television and motion picture memorabilia, whose collection includes some rare Batman comic books, was a self-confessed aficionado of the popular "Law & Order" crime series.

His admiration for the actress led him try to strike up a friendship with her, and he sent messages through intermediaries that proclaimed, "I’m your greatest fan in the world."

Nagel shared his feelings for the actress with other fans online, Brooklyn federal prosecutors said, writing, "I want to look in her eyes and make love" and "Kathryn is everything, and everything is Kathryn."

One day in 2008, Nagel -- who lives in Philadelphia -- packed his wife and children into a car and drove to New York to visit locations where the TV series was filmed.

Erbe, who testified at the trial last fall, recalled meeting Nagel at a Washington Heights location shoot. As she prepared to tape a scene for the prime time show, the actress said she greeted Nagel and his family, signed autographs for them, and even posed for photos.

But later, after an unpleasant encounter with a studio security guard, things changed for the worse.

Prosecutors argued that Nagel became a stalker whose quest for revenge and fixation with the "Law & Order" actress eventually provoked behavior that was both chilling and abusive.

He wrote hundreds of messages on MySpace about the TV star, prosecutors said -- with Nagel at one point even contacting Erbe's daughter through Facebook.

While on the witness stand, Erbe broke down and cried as she recalled a doctored photo of her teenage daughter that Nagel had posted online, with a hand-drawn cockroach scrawled across the 14-year-old girl's face -- and a dialog bubble with the words "I'm ugly."

Before pronouncing his sentence Judge Jack Weinstein said that Nagel "had inflicted all sorts of harm" by his actions -- both to his own family and to Erbe.

"The evidence was clear -- this woman was terrified. Her child was terrified. It seems to me the evidence was overwhelming," Weinstein said.

At trial, Nagel maintained his innocence and insisted that he thought he had struck up a close internet friendship with the actress -- only to learn after his arrest that he had been corresponding with an impostor posing as Erbe.


written by The Associated Press
written by Daniel McCall
written for postchronicle
written by Jamie Feldmar
written by Crimesider Staff
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041 - 056 Det. Alex Eames
057 - 066 Det. Bobby Goren
067 - 081 Goren & Eames
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087 - 104 Season 10 Photoshoot (eames, goren, and goren & eames)


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No Reprieve for Law & Order: CI: 'It Was a Good Series Finale,' Says USA Network Boss

written by Matt Webb Mitovich

Though franchise founder Dick Wolf had been angling for Law & Order: Criminal Intent to earn a reprieve by delivering a solid 10th and final season, a resurrection simply won’t be happening, USA Network’s top brass tell TVLine.

Asked if there was any chance for a semi-miraculous save and Season 11 order, given the warm welcome that returning regulars Vincent D’Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe received, USA co-president Jeff Wachtel answered, “No — and this is said with respect for the show, respect for Dick [Wolf], and most significantly with respect to the audience.”

At the time that Season 10 was greenlit, with D’Onofrio’s Goren and Erbe’s Eames back on duty, Wachtel says, “We had a conversation internally, and [NBC Universal chair] Bonnie [Hammer] was phenomenally supportive of [the idea that] you’ve got to honor your contract with the audience. We as a cable network don’t want to pull the plug and leave people being upset — ‘Wait, what happened to my show?’ — so we very carefully and wonderfully staged a final season.”

Despite premiering strongly (with 5.6 million total viewers) and averaging some 1.6 mil in the coveted 18-49 demo throughout the season, Criminal Intent was not profitable for USA — a liability that was foreseen well ahead of time. “Given the ratings we could anticipate, and given the expense of the show, we knew it was a money-losing venture for us,” Wachtel notes.

Though some viewers feel the episode that closed the decade-old procedural didn’t scream “series finale,” Wachtel contends that all signs were there if you looked for them. “The fact that we introduced a psychiatrist (played by Julia Ormond) into the mix, and that a significant part of the season was about the healing of Bobby Goren and taking him out of an awful journey and into a place of relative emotional health…. For a Dick Wolf show that was much more character-based than you ever see.”

As the final hour wrapped, Goren emerged from his final mandatory shrink session and headed off to a new crime scene with Eames. “We felt that was a great place to leave things,” says Wachtel. “It was a good series finale.”

The silver lining to Criminal Intent‘s definitively final run? As part of its legacy, it leaves its lead-out, In Plain Sight, a healthier series. “That was a great opportunity, to pair [them] on Sunday nights, where both had a lot of strength,” explains USA co-president Chris McCumber. “This past Sunday, when [In Plain Sight] didn’t have the Criminal Intent lead-in, it actually grew [in three target demo measures]. The tandem ended up making In Plain Sight an even stronger show.”