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Steppenwolf ROWB 2012 (IMAGES)

Steppenwolf’s Red or White Ball - April 13, 2012

Steppenwolf’s annual Red or White Ball was held at Architectural Artifacts for the first time April 13. A special VIP reception was held before the main event with announcements from honorary chairs Kathryn Erbe, ensemble member and star of Law & Order: Criminal Intent, as well as Lily Mojekwu and Robert Schleifer, who starred in recent Steppenwolf productions.

The night benefited the young adult program and the outreach that it does throughout the year. Restaurants such as Paris Club and Zed 451 supplied snacks, while Goose Island was the beer sponsor. Many of the attendees agreed that this venue was a perfect match for the festivities and hoped it will be back in the same space next year.

Visit www.steppenwolf.org for future productions and events. Text and photos by Jerry Nunn

Tags: actress: kathryn erbe
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