A flower? (untapdtreasure) wrote,
A flower?

LOCI: Season One Promotional Images

01-13 Kathryn Erbe as Det. Alex Eames
14-26 Vincent D'onofrio as Det. Bobby Goren
27-31 Det. Goren & Det. Eames
32-38 Whole Cast
39-53 Courtney B. Vance as ADA Ron Carver
54-65 Jamey Sheridan as Captain Jimmy Deakins
66-67 Deakins & Carver

John Seakwood (photographer)

NOTE: I went on a major picture hunt because I just needed something to keep the love for Goren & Eames alive. I've searched everywhere for this set of images and finally found them and was able to obtain them without watermarks. I am so excited so I just had to share them here at livejournal with all the fans.
Tags: actor: courtney b. vance, actor: jamey sheridan, actor: vincent d’onofrio, actress: kathryn erbe, character: alex eames, character: bobby goren, character: jimmy deakins, character: ron carver, tv: law & order (criminal intent)
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